Quick Start Social Media Track for Attracting More Business

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Want to use social media to attract business whether B2B or B2C?

At Miller Mosaic we can get you quickly set up on social media so that you can use a branded social media presence to connect with your markets.

Stage 1 — Branding Your Business:

A one-hour branding session to review or develop your brand — your Unique Selling Proposition (your USP). We work with you on the phone to identify what’s unique about your business and what benefits it offers to potential clients/customers.

Read more about the one-hour branding session.

Stage 2 — Your Website Review or Website Plan:

We write a report for you on your existing website or a plan for a website that focuses on what can be improved or included for your website — the home base of your business and your social media marketing as well as the centerpiece of your brand — to be user-friendly and social-media friendly.

You can then share this report with your web person or follow the recommendations yourself.

Read more about the website review or website plan written report.

Stage 3 — Your Social Media Presence:

We set you up on LinkedIn, Twitter and a Facebook business page, integrating these accounts with your overall brand.

Read more about the social media presence.

Stage 4 — Social Media Training:

We coach you (and your staff) on effectively using these social media sites to carry out your social media marketing strategies.

Read more about the social media training.

Email us at marketing@millermosaicllc.com to discuss this services for your company.

Still not sure why you should care about social media marketing?

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