Ageism in Social Media Marketing

by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Once again I heard a business person say that he wants to hire a young person to do social media marketing for his company. When I asked why, he said young people know social media.

I politely pointed out to him that age has nothing to do with the ability to plan and execute strategic social media marketing. And, I added, just because a young person is always on Facebook does not mean this young person understands strategy for building business relationships on Facebook.

Social media, as I have said before, can appear deceptively simple to use. But social media is not necessarily easy to utilize for creating online relationships.

Online marketing takes the same planning and execution that any marketing endeavors require. Perhaps the main difference is that social media changes so quickly that social media marketers must be willing to be very flexible about changing strategies.

An important element of social media marketing is the willingness to try new things, and then be willing to walk away if something new does not turn out to fit your marketing needs. (This willingness is definitely NOT age dependent.)

The next time you hear someone say he or she has to hire a young person to do social media marketing, ask whether that social media marketing is part of a strategic plan — and whether the age of the marketer really makes a difference.

P.S. For book authors and readers: I am experimenting with the free site Wattpad, and you might appreciate reading my blog post about the reasons why. Click here to read “Update on Wattpad Experiment.”

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Phyllis Zimbler Miller has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is the co-founder of the online marketing company

She is also the author of fiction and nonfiction books/ebooks, including TOP TIPS FOR HOW TO PUBLISH AND MARKET YOUR BOOK IN THE AGE OF AMAZON and the romantic suspense spy story CIA FALL GUY.

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