What Do People Find When They Google Your Name?

by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

A book publisher tweeted on Twitter that, when he receives a query from a book author, he first Googles the author’s name before he reads the query.

While he did not explain why he does this (a tweet has a maximum of 140 characters), we can assume because he wants to know if the author is already active on social media. In other words, does the author already have what is called a “platform” of online connections?

How someone appears in a Google search can have the same ramifications for a psychologist, a shoe retailer, or anyone who is in business to sell products or services.

While it is a leg up to be a blogger and thus have lots of articles credited to you or your company, your name in a Google search can return good results without blogging.

Top requirement for most businesses:

  • LinkedIn profile with good recommendations (especially for sole proprietorships), followed by a company page on LinkedIn

Subsequent recommendations:

  • Twitter account with tweets that share information rather than selling your products or services
  • Facebook Page (“likes” — “friends” are for a personal Facebook profile)
  • Google+ Page (not the same as a Google+ profile)
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube channel
  • Amazon reviewer account (Amazon public profile)

If you have no online presence, now is a very good time to start building one. You do not want to be the business that, when someone checks your name in Google, there is almost nothing to be found.

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