Using LinkedIn for Job Hunting Without Announcing This Goal

by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

A prospective client contacted me about setting up a profile on LinkedIn because she wanted to attract headhunters to get a possible new senior-level position. Her concern was that people from her current company would find out her interest in changing companies.

But this is not how LinkedIn works (unless you want to boldly announce you are looking for a new position).

In this case the ideal goal would be to have a robust LinkedIn profile that includes numerous skills and positions of the person. Of course, this information would contain important keywords on which headhunters might be searching.

The next step would be to get recommendations (not those “endorsements”) for these skills and positions.

After that the person would NOT join headhunter groups on LinkedIn — that would announce the intention of looking for a new job.

Instead, the person would join groups that highlight her or his skills, such as CEO groups or COO groups (if appropriate). In other words, places where headhunters might look for candidate material.

Nowhere would this person mention she or he is looking for a new job. Why? The goal is for headhunters looking for people with certain skills and experiences to have your LinkedIn profile returned in search results without your stating you are looking for a new job.

After all, headhunters frequently approach people who are NOT looking for new jobs. You want to put yourself in such an enviable position.

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Phyllis Zimbler Miller has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is the co-founder of the online marketing company

She is also the author of fiction and nonfiction books/ebooks, including TOP TIPS FOR HOW TO PUBLISH AND MARKET YOUR BOOK IN THE AGE OF AMAZON and the romantic suspense spy story CIA FALL GUY.

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