Branding Exercise

There are no right or wrong answers to this branding exercise:

Rock, paper, scissors?

Rock, paper, scissors?

When you’re meeting someone for the first time, you are often asked “What do you do?” Every person you talk to is a potential client/customer.

If you hem and haw and don’t clearly state what you do, you may have lost potential business.

What is the one sentence about you (your “brand statement”) that you say to get someone interested in you? And, if appropriate, what is the one “request” you have of that person?


I’m a deep sea diver who has written a book about my experiences escaping from a killer whale and I’m looking for an agent. Would you be interested in looking at this book?

I’m a well-paid local speaker on raising confident children and I’m now expanding to the national level. Is there someone you could recommend to represent my speaking engagements?

My boutique women’s shoe store here in Beverly Hills is looking for a celebrity spokesperson. Is there anyone you could recommend who might be interested?

Now it’s your turn:
First write the one-sentence “brand statement” about yourself – how you’d like people to think of you:

Your “brand statement” could be about your past, present or future, depending on your “request” that will follow. In any case, it’s the most important thing you want people in your target audience to associate with you. For Oprah Winfrey her “brand statement” might be: A very successful businesswoman with an extremely generous heart.

And then write the one-sentence “request” because, whether you are marketing your book or your business, you do have a “request” of your target audience:

It may be “buy my book” or “hire me to speak” or “order 5,000 pairs of shoes as gifts for your employees.” Your “request” is what you want to motivate your target audience to do once they’ve heard your “brand statement.”

Write something down without worrying whether it’s “good enough.” This is simply a starting place for identifying your brand.

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