Book Marketing in the Digital Age

by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Browsing in a West Los Angeles Barnes & Noble store I pondered another reason why eBooks are outselling (or in the process of outselling, depending which statistics you quote) physical books:

I had seen the full-page advertisement in The New Yorker for the paperback edition of Ken Follett’s novel “Fall of Giants.” So I looked at the book in its physical version.

The paperback was so thick (and heavy!) that it would be uncomfortable to hold to read. Clearly this was a book to read on an ereader or a tablet.

(A friend told me she likes to read in bed at night with an ereader rather than a book because, if she falls asleep while reading, the ereader hitting her face isn’t as heavy as a book.)

I looked at the rows and rows and rows of books in the store – and envisioned a day when all of these rows would have disappeared.

Now let me make myself clear: I love physical books as well as eBooks. But I’m just saying.

And switching from a reader’s perspective to an author’s perspective:

The expanding opportunities online for a book author are amazing!

For example, this Thursday, September 8, at 7:30 pm. Eastern, there’s going to be a simultaneous tweetchat on Twitter and a Facebook chat through the group “The Pampered Book Club” about my eBook novel “Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders.” View the Facebook invite now and I hope you’ll considering joining the chat.

This will be the first time this book club has tried a simultaneous chat, so there are no guarantees. But I love this idea from Latoya Brown because some people are Twitter fans and some are Facebook fans. (In preparation for the live chat, the first chapter of the eBook novel can be read at )

And Amazon has just introduced in beta an amazing (in my opinion) opportunity for authors to connect directly with their fans:

Amazon’s @author feature allows readers to send questions from their Kindle to an author’s Twitter account or post a question on the author’s Amazon author page. Read more about this innovative opportunity.

And while I am not yet able to participate in the Amazon @author feature, I have joined the Kindle Forum/Kindle Social Network from

Meanwhile, Miller Mosaic co-founder Yael K. Miller has researched a cool WordPress plugin — Content Slider by SlideDeck — to display books on a WordPress website.

And a big thanks to Tim Roux, whom I met online, for including my novel “Mrs. Lieutenant” in his compelling article “Being at War” for

Plus here are two book marketing guest posts:

September “Ask PZM” at author Joylene Butler’s guest post “Book Authors Need Mobile Friendly Websites”

Ours is truly a brave new world for book reading and book promoting!

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Phyllis Zimbler Miller (@ZimblerMiller on Twitter) and Yael K. Miller (@MillerMosiacLLC on Twitter) are the co-founders of the marketing consulting company, which builds mobile friendly WordPress websites and works with clients to effectively use social media marketing.

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